Sharing my experience with the one and only Gregory Paul Martin sir!

November 14, 2018

I am not an affiliate nor am I getting paid to do this.  But I had to share my experience as it was sooo GOOODDD!

In this episode I share my whole experience with Gregory Paul Martin sir who is one of the best astrologers (who does Birth chart readings) in the world and has given over 40,000 readings, including John Lennon and Richard Branson!

I’ve never done anything like this and this thing just happened when I most needed it!

To schedule your 30 minute session with Gregory sir, contact his amazing and beautiful wife Cherie Rose Martin. I am sure you won't regret!

Cherie is a Luxury Travel Designer and she is fucking good at it! Here is her website.

Here is Gregory sirs facebook page!




“Social Media strategies to grow your Business” training

November 14, 2018

This  is the "Social Media Strategies to grow your Business" free training!

In this episode I share my top 10 strategies and tips to stand out on social media.

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Sharing my breakthroughs around Relationships and Money!

November 4, 2018

Finally I was able to pull off this episode on my 3rd take! Fighting with many tech and environmental disturbances, I have this episode for you as I was dedicated to share my breakthroughs around Relationships and Money.

Listen to this episode, hope you will have a breakthrough too!


Why Entrepreneurship is the best personal development ever!

October 22, 2018

We are about to complete one year of Youniverseway which means , I will be completing my very first year of Entrepreneurship ever! I have evolved so damn much in last one year and it is only due to one decision, choosing the path of Entrepreneurship.

If you are an artist, creative, entrepreneur, aspiring entrepreneur or a business owner, this episode is specially for you!
Hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did while sharing my experiences and insights.
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Feeling Low vibe? Feel like doing nothing at all?Listen up!

October 12, 2018

There are some days, when you feel like doing NOTHING at all. Today was one of such days for me.

This might be my most "low energy" episode ever, but promise its worth listening to!

Why? Because here I am talking about the most underrated word which is "Feelings" and how to deal with it. Well, there are 3 ways to deal with your feelings and only first one is the best way , while other 2 are super dangerous.

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Love you all!




How to embody your version 2.0 who has it all?

October 8, 2018

You might have heard successful people saying that they embodied what they are now, long before they became successful and in this way they were programming their minds for success.

In this juicy episode, I share 5 tips on "How to become or embody that version 2.0 of yours who is already successful, how already has what you want?". Also visit the blog here after you finish listening to the podcast, it has journal prompts and a guided meditation.

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Sharing my Breakthrough for creatives+Life updates+Manifesting divine guidance for business

September 30, 2018

This episode is truly special for me, as I have shared my breakthrough in a very unapologetic way which will resonate with all the creatives out there. 

We talk about my journal entries,my magical experience of receiving divine guidance and manifestation!

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How to Instantly turn your Idea into Reality?

September 17, 2018

You get an idea while doing something really non-productive, especially when you are in your "Play state" , you run to capture the same,work on that idea for a few hours or a few days and then SUDDENLY your interest drops off and you discard that brilliant idea!!! And you keep repeating the same cycle over and over again and wonder how are others turning their ideas instantly into reality and what's wrong with you!!

Well, this was me for a very long time, UNTIL I found the secret sauce of how to download that idea from your mind and upload that to your platform for your amazingggg audience! Stay tuned, that's what we are discussing in this quickie!

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How to breakfree from past traumas and live a fulfilling life with Lili Deveneau!

September 10, 2018

In this episode we are talking all about healing your past traumas and emotional wounds which are stopping you from living an inspired life with the amazing Lili Deveneau.

Links we talked about in this episode:

Check out Lili's website

"Just Enough" documentary-

Apply for being a part of Lili's life changing project (it is free) -


Hitting Rock bottom and its connection with Lotus flower!

September 1, 2018

In this episode, I talk ( in my almost chicken voice) hahah, about Hitting rock bottom and how its like a Lotus flower. A Lotus flower is considered very sacred in Indian Spirituality, and why it is so, get to know in this episode.

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