Reflecting Jan 2019 progress, my book journey and a special treat for you!

January 31, 2019

Hi Homies,

In this episode I am
1.Reflecting Jan 2019 Goals, 
2.Sharing my book journey, 
3.Reading my favourite poem from my book Heart Fool of Love and Life.
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Content Creation like a mofo challenge Day 5

January 17, 2019

Hey loves,

Here's the Day 5 of the challenge!

It was definitely a ton of fun creating this challenge.

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Content creation like a Mofo challenge Day 4

January 16, 2019

Here's, Day 4 of Content creation like a Mofo Challenge!

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Content Creation like a Mofo challenge Day 3

January 15, 2019

Hey loves, Here's Day 3 of the Challenge!

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Content creation like a Mofo challenge Day 2

January 14, 2019

Here is the Day 2 of Content creation like a mofo challenge".

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Content creation like a MOFO challenge Day 1

January 14, 2019

Hi loves, This is "Content creation like a Mofo" challenge Day 1. I know this is quite spontaneous but I am loving it! Post your challenge homework in "Youniverseway Impactful Entrepreneurs Club" FB group!

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Outside Packaging v/s What’s inside the package! minisode

January 4, 2019

Hi Loves,

In today's minisode I am sharing a quick riff on how to focus on providing irresistible value for your clients first instead of only focusing on creating an irresistible marketing and promotion strategy.


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Crush your 2019 goals minisode!

December 23, 2018

Sorry for the chicken voice .hahah!

In this minisode I share a simple goal setting exercise which will take only 10 minutes and 3 tips to crush your goals for 2019.


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Lessons learnt and Smart Moves made in 2018+Plan for 2019

December 14, 2018

Hi Loves,

Here is the training I have been so psyched about to share with you. I share the lessons learnt and smart moves made in my business and life in 2018 and what my plans are for 2019.


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Love you all!


Sharing my experience with the one and only Gregory Paul Martin sir!

November 14, 2018

I am not an affiliate nor am I getting paid to do this.  But I had to share my experience as it was sooo GOOODDD!

In this episode I share my whole experience with Gregory Paul Martin sir who is one of the best astrologers (who does Birth chart readings) in the world and has given over 40,000 readings, including John Lennon and Richard Branson!

I’ve never done anything like this and this thing just happened when I most needed it!

To schedule your 30 minute session with Gregory sir, contact his amazing and beautiful wife Cherie Rose Martin. I am sure you won't regret!

Cherie is a Luxury Travel Designer and she is fucking good at it! Here is her website.

Here is Gregory sirs facebook page!